Your Trainers


Suzanne is our lead trainer and is passionate about personal safety and self defense. She believes everyone, especially women, should feel empowered to take their safety into their own hands. To this end, she achieved the highest training rank available through the NRA, Training Counselor and Chief Range Safety Officer in firearm and personal safety disciplines.
She has introduced over 1,000 people to firearms and safe shooting experiences. When Suzanne is not holding private lessons, she performs Range Safety Officer and training duties for Orlando’s premier indoor shooting range.

Suzanne was a terrific instructor– thorough, punctual, organized, and very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She was very concerned for my comfort and safety, which I would say sets her apart from most instructors. I highly recommend her to anyone who is new to firearms. — Sue J.



Described by most as affable and fun-loving, you wouldn’t know Thomas is former military intelligence upon meeting him. His extensive knowledge of firearms and safety is clear after a few minutes in one of his classes, though. Thomas teaches the higher-powered firearm lessons, and lucky students will also find him assisting Suzanne in many of the handgun courses and on the shooting range.