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We specialize in the needs of women and first-time shooters.

You won’t find intimidating, aggressive, know-it-all types at Allied. Everyone learns at their own pace and comfort level and needs to be free of distractions. Our classroom training is detailed, yet simple to follow, and we make sure you know what to expect before you show up to the range.

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Our private instruction is based on your personalized needs and comfort level.

We provide friendly, professional training in the comfort of your own home, if desired. Your family and friends are always welcome at a discounted group rate. Most importantly, you decide who will attend the class, so the course is entirely at your pace. You don’t need to worry about asking questions or looking foolish in front of a group of strangers.

We don’t move to a live firing range until you are ready and comfortable. Once there, we will provide all of the support you need to become proficient with your firearm.

Beware of cut-rate training provided at gun shows or shooting ranges.

Many concealed carry courses are offered to beginners at seeming low prices. Clarify exactly what you will get before signing up for one of these classes. Most concealed carry classes expect some prior shooting knowledge and only give you the option to shoot a single round to “qualify.”

Other, first-time shooter classes of an hour or less simply do not provide enough time to teach you the skills you need to maintain and use a firearm on your own. You will likely find yourself seeking further instruction after taking a course like this. In the long run, taking a slightly longer basic pistol class (see our options here) can save you a lot of time, money and frustration.

At Allied, we give you individual attention and make sure you have all of the knowledge and tools you need to comfortably own and use a firearm, including lots of hand-on range experience.

Allied’s professional instructors understand your needs and concerns.

You will receive a great value from our professional firearm instruction in a comfortable environment. Beware of fast-paced instructors who make up courses that leave out the basics.

Our instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association and follow a proven instruction program from the only organization that has been teaching people safe gun handling practices since 1871. Allied Gun Academy is also a proud member of the elite Florida Concealed Gun Training program. Take the firearm course from us that meets your specific situation to qualify for a Florida concealed carry permit and exercise your right to a life free from harm.

Become a competent shooter and be prepared to act.

We don’t just teach shooting skills, we teach you to be prepared. Our instructors are available to support your training and safety goals. With our Steps 2 and 3 Home and Personal Safety courses, Allied trains you first and foremost to avoid dangerous situations and the potential for violent encounters, because the best defense is always avoidance.

Unfortunately, situations may still arise that force us to defend ourselves, and state and federal laws allow us the right for self protection. You should be prepared and ready should the need for self defense ever arise.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that owning a gun automatically makes them safer. This is simply not true. If you don’t have the proper training and experience, there is a good chance that your gun can be taken and used against you. Our training gives you knowledge of guns and makes you comfortable around them. Our goal is to make shooting second-nature for you, so if the need arises to use your gun, instincts will take over.

With our more advanced lessons, you will learn how and when to use a gun, as well as techniques to ensure you don’t “freeze up” at the wrong moment. Half the battle is knowing how to use you weapon properly, and then having the practice so that your actions become instinctual and automatic. We hope you never need to use a firearm for anything other than range shooting. But if you ever need to use a firearm for protection, we will make certain you are very well prepared.

Safety is paramount to you and to us.

The safe use of firearms isn’t limited to learning about guns and shooting techniques; it’s also about keeping guns out of the hands of friends and family who can do harm to themselves or others. Our training focuses on handling and storing firearms properly to help you avoid tragic accidents in the home.

Don’t become a victim.

Of course, nobody asks to be a crime victim, and to that end, you should be sure you are doing everything you can to stay safe. Our  award-winning crime prevention and personal safety “Refuse To Be A Victim®” seminar will give you the foundation necessary to avoid would-be attackers. Learn home, personal, automobile, workplace, travel, telephone, and technological security.

This four-hour, hands-on course was developed by the NRA and gives you common-sense strategies to avoid dangerous situations and criminal confrontations. The law enforcement community nationwide has endorsed this program, which is appropriate for teens through seniors. Tens of thousands of men and women have benefited from this course.

Experts agree the most important factor in surviving a criminal attack is to have an overall safety strategy in-place before you need it. Preparation is essential. Focus on proactive, rather than reactive tactics. Criminals look for easy targets. By preparing yourself, you will make yourself less likely to fall prey to a violent attacker.

You can trust Allied.

You have a lot riding on this decision, and please know that we can help you greatly increase your safety and firearm skills. We promise you that your training experience will be friendly, professional, and free of intimidation.

Please contact us today and choose our instructors to help you with your firearm and self-defense training needs.