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We offer the best NRA- and Florida Concealed Gun Training-certified instruction in Orlando, specializing in beginners, couples, families and female shooters. All pistol classes certify you to apply for a Florida concealed carry permit.

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Which Introductory Course is Right for You?

Students with some prior experience or who just need to feel comfortable shooting a pistol should consider our 3-hour Intro to Pistols Course. This class gives an overview of the operation of pistols with an emphasis on getting comfortable with a specific firearm. This is a great class for those who don’t like written exams and have no interest in moving on to our Step 2 and 3 advanced defensive classes. However, students who take this class and feel they need additional training may use the amount paid toward the in-class portion of the 13-hour NRA course.

We are proud to introduce the Florida Concealed Gun Training (FCGT) Pistol Course. This 6-hour class is optimized to give you the same information found in longer classes (such as the NRA Basic Pistol, which is 13 hours in total). With all of our Step 1, introductory pistol courses we focus on hands-on range experience to ensure your comfort with a pistol. Review our courses page to see what is included in each class. This is another great option if you don’t care for written tests, while those who like to cement knowledge through quizzes will appreciate the 13-hour NRA class. (The first 8-hour portion of the NRA class is available online.)

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Our passion is your safety when it comes to firearms training and self-defense education.

Whatever your personal safety and defensive training goals are, let us help you in a low-key, no-pressure environment. Whether you want to learn more about handguns, want to just get a certification for a concealed firearm, or want to discover techniques for making yourself less of a target, Allied has the right program for you.

Our premiere classroom training is offered on a regular basis and is optimized for small groups.  Best of all, we can offer classes that fit your schedule! Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one training experiences, or gather a group of friends for a fun class at discounted group rates.

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Are you new to firearms? Let us educate you!

If you are visiting our site because you have a curiosity about guns and shooting but have no prior experience, you have come to the right place. Many people are hesitant to pick up a handgun. Our friendly instructor will make you feel at ease, making sure you know exactly what to expect before taking that first shot. Before you know it, you too will be an experienced and competent shooter.

“We cater to your comfort to allow you to absorb our top-quality gun safety & skills training.”

We recommend you start with one of our Step 1 courses. These fun and informative classes are not rushed, allowing students of all ages who are new to shooting plenty of time to learn safe handling rules for a comfortable learning opportunity.

Are you planning on purchasing a gun but don’t know where to begin? Choose our “value add-on” plan to try several different guns with additional time on the range!

Our certified instructors will take the time to provide all the details you need and answer all of your questions in these great courses. Even children who are living in a home with firearms will benefit from this program, learning to respect guns and what they can do. We accept students as young as twelve years old with a parent present.

You can be rest-assured that our classes will be conducted with patience and great attention to your needs and concerns. Though more intermediate users will also gain a lot from our Step 1 courses, many of the excellent topics you will learn assume very little knowledge about handguns and their working mechanisms. We provide you with course materials to take home.

We teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for safely owning and handling a pistol.

We identify the different kinds of pistol actions, the names of the different mechanical parts, and what they do.

 We show how to inspect, disassemble, and clean handguns.

We explain all about ammunition, show how it works, and how to buy the right type for your gun.

We demonstrate shooting fundamentals, including stances and proper grip, aiming, and trigger squeeze.

Students will practice firing with a non-lethal pistol.

We provide details on what to expect at the range an explain proper range etiquette.

At the firing range, you will be led through firing your first shots with professional coaching.

You will be coached with necessary adjustments for successful basic shooting exercises and positions.

You will practice with a variety of different firearms to learn how they handle and function.

We will also discuss pistol sports and activities.

Valuable Advice on Handgun Purchasing


If you are interested in buying a handgun but don’t know where to start, we are happy to give you knowledgeable advice. Our goal is to make sure you have the tools necessary to be safe and make a decision on a firearm that is right for your needs.